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Are You Making A Headway?

No one would know how horrible your feaces smells until you deficate in a wrong place. You must learn to channel every wrong you to the rightful place for relevance.
The beautiful you with a stinking feaces must learn to use the closet else your beauty becomes vain. The sticky feaces  ends up becoming useful for bio-gas or manure.
When someone is found struggling in a borrowed purpose, the person will endup causing nuisance in the field.
What makes you happy?
What attracts people to you?
What attaches people to you?
These are questions that can place you on your supposed purpose.
I have seen quit a number of people struggling to the top or maybe struggling to be known. You can only struggle in life when you lack purpose.
     " Destiny they say may delay but cannot be denied" what if the person in question doesn't have something within that drives him/her? Very many people with serious addictions  are products of no future ambitions. The Way out of this horrible situation is self discovery, you can discover yourself by knowing your likes, that is knowing what makes you happy.
Whatever makes you happy can attract people of like passion to you, whatever attracts people to you can attach great responsibility on you.. that's how you can channel your waste into a wired usefulness .

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