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This note is very important and with all humility I write.
Pride is Satan's excreta, when I was praying some years back about this topic on pride, the Lord gave me a revelation on how pride is connected to physical faeces/excretion. Imagine preparing a very nice dish like fried rice, jollof rice or any special dish you can imagine with fried chicken and we'll garnished vegetables, then you now add a drop of faeces to it, that's how pride is to a good work. When you eat a food and deficate it is excreta. Pride is a meal that was first cooked by the devil and after eating it the result drove him away from heaven, now when you discover a bit of it in your life, you are feasting on the devil's shit. Let me explain further with the use of acronyms.
P- Presenting
R- Robust
I- Identity
D- Daily and
E- Everywhere.
That's how pride can be defined in a simple sentence.

Note the following :
1. When you speak too much about yourself you are proud.
2. When you reject good ideas and present yours you are proud.
3. When you blow your trumpet of how successful you are in a way of making people around you feel inferior you are proud.
4. When you are too conscious of someone who's proud then you are proud.
5. When you speak carelessly  in public to impress people you are proud.

Does it mean you shouldn't be zealous, Hardworking or faithful? Far from it.
Pride reduces your relevance in the service of God and displays selfishness in everything you do.
Unknowingly to us Christians we portray this attribute without our  notice. Permit me to share this briefly
Some years back when I play my musical instrument and people around starts dancing I immediately ask myself ( "Hey man hope you are not proud of this stuff you're doing").

When you surrender your life to Christ, there are some vices that may still remain unchanged until you identify them. Rom. 6:6, when you are ignorant of this truth you will manifest this trait unknowingly to you. It is my prayer you seek for in depth understanding of this message.

Been born again does not change your personality or temperament, which means your temperament remains constant when you don't identify the harm it causes to your service to God and man. I won't write further on temperament, I recommend you read (Spirit controlled temperament by Tim LAHAYE ).
N/B: Humility is not natural it is deliberate.
You must deliberately desire to be humble with or without any formal attainment. God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble.
Pray on daily basis if this vice is found or hidden in your life. God is faithful to his promises and will surely grant help to those who will sincerely come out plain. Gal.5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Gal. 5:25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.
Conclusion: Pride can barricade anyone from making heaven at last, it must be evacuated without mercy.
trust God for a better you.
Oh Lord root out every iota of self in me and help me live daily with the consciousness of your coming. Amen
I wish you an inspiring day ahead.
#Kingsley Onyekachi Simeon.
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