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Praise has been a powerful tool in the pursue of destiny and divine direction, loosens the very ability, authority and authenticity of God’s blessings from the store house of heaven.
            Praise gives the summary of what God needs and desires from every human
            Praise is the only food God delights pleasure in. Those that praise in sincerity make a glorious dish for God and attract payment that can forward them to the next level of opportunity.
            The best way to be fulfilled in life endeavor is to praise through, that is praise! Praise!! And praise!!! Through   despite any challenge of life.

The view of praise cannot be over emphasized, praise has an acronyms

P- Propagating

R- Righteous

A- Aroma

I- In

S- Singing

E- Everyday.

This is the most vital reason God called David a man after his own heart. I sam 13:14. Because of the power of “praise” in  life of David , he was able to pave a way to the throne.
These aroma you propagate in singing everyday, goes directly to the one that holds the  the future palace where you will be placed.
At any point in time you live without praise in mouth and heart you will be limiting yourself from your desired future, not just future but from your desired future. God through praise leads and direct his people. The praise that directs and lead to the future must be a product of righteousness, sincerity, holiness and zealousness.
Note: a day without praise is a wasted day
The effect of praise cannot be over emphasized in the life of very many warriors of old; often times when people release themselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit in the pursuit of anything, they get a drastic and tremendous result from it.
                Praise is the propeller of Gods presence; the bible says in the presence of God there is “liberty”, you can term it freedom and deliverance, which means that Gods presence, directs and unveils the best of one’s life. When praise brings down the presence of God,  then liberty puts you on the run to a better, designed and desired destiny.
                So beloved reader what are you passing through that has taken away praise from you? Think of what you have lost when you refuse and reject praise from flowing through you; retrace the cause and allow the aroma of praise that will” catapult” you to your destiny to flow through you. When you stop praising God; it means you have stop making progress; because praise is the only food God derives pleasure in, so when you deprive God from eating you too will be deprived of food,
                The psalmist said three times do I pray; but seven times do I sing to the Lord daily. Psalm 55:17; Davids prayer in psalm 119:164, explains the place of praise in the life of every human.
Praise is the highest work carried out by God’s children. We can say that the highest expression of saint’s spiritual life is his praise to the God. God’s throne is the highest point in  the universe , yet He sits “enthroned upon the praises f Isreal” (psalm 22:3).
Beloved reader for you to have the best of God, make praise part of  you in other to get the best.

                                            From: KINGSLEY SIMEON DURU

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