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The word prodigal symbolizes wastefulness, in this context we will be considering some set of personalities, their attributes and how they have wasted resources invested in them.
 1. Samson
2. Jonah
Part 1: The Prodigal Evangelist (Samson)
Samson:  Judges 13,14,16
Let’s take some time to describe Samson, his birth and mandate. God had planned a special life for Samson. God visited Samson’s parents through an angel to tell them that Samson would be a Nazareth from birth. The vow of a Nazareth was typically for a set period of time and was voluntary. Yet, in Samson’s case, he was to be a Nazareth all his life and it was a calling by God, not a choice that Samson made personally.

This special vow put restrictions on his life. This included the food that Samson was to eat, that he was not to cut his hair with a razor, nor to be near a dead body. In exchange for these limitations, God endowed Samson with exceptional strength. Sadly, Samson violated all these restrictions during his life which brought him to a tragic end. failure started when he deliberately fell into sin, Samson violated the Nazareth restriction upon him when he came contact with the young lion he killed and later went for the honey on the dead young lion.  As believer today are there not laws and commandments guiding our profession?     Are there not things we do contrary to our calling? For Samson his ministry ended in shame though he made heaven but he didn’t finish well, though there was a beautiful account of him killing more people on his death day than his birth purpose. The fact remains that Samson’s ministry was very short because he didn’t give attention to details. Every believer has a mandate and a calling, be very diligent enough to ask God for direction in ministry, understand that everyone will not be a pastor, evangelist, prophet, apostle,  teachers. It will be great and beautiful when everyone is operating in the capacity of their calling. It could be that Samson’s Parents did not itemize his restrictions and limitations or they did and Samson was carried away by his ability. The devil will mess up a Christian who has given up on grace. We must understand the direction God is calling us into and utilize our relevance in that capacity. Lesion from Samson’s defeat, 1. Samson had zeal without knowledge: you must compliment your zeal with the leading of the Spirit, Judges 14:1-4. The zeal to conquer Gods enemy clouded his mind that he rather led himself into the problem that took his sight. 2. Moral indiscipline: Samson lack some moral discipline that he couldn’t listen to the Parents plea to him. Eph. 6:1: we are to obey our parents in the Lord: there was a good account about the uprightness of Samson’s parents, so he was to obey them heartily. He is also sexually perverse that in all the cities he entered there is always a woman for him to lie with; every believer must be discipline in all things no matter what. The beginning of a journey will determine the end. If you recognize the calling of God in your Life, you are to manifest gracefully and not work –fully.

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