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Often time’s people try to make comparison between money and motivation, some see money as a source of motivation, but frankly speaking money is a physical legal tender that is generally accepted for a medium of exchange or for the purchase of goods and services, money can be felt by its value and volume. It answers too many things and enable goal accomplishment.

Motivation in other hand is an inward believe on an ideology which is able to push or pull you to the ladder of greatness, motivation can be inspired or aspired. An inspired motivation comes when one is been challenged by an external factor, whereas an aspired motivation is a conscious desire to becoming something great through self-driven ideology
Let’s marry this two element together. People do things mostly because of an external influence, maybe they are been monitored or paid to do a particular thing. This set of people may not give their best of best, but those who are self-motivated to doing things void of eye service, will definitely have more result.
The reason people do not put in their best is because of the fact that they have misplaced their priority, purpose and value. Those who see money as a means of motivation may not improve on themselves. When you are money-centric, your impact will not be felt compared to someone who has given his best in service.
           True motivation comes from within and it is not necessarily concerned about external factor, this kind of motivation is scarcely seen among employees.

Reasons why people are not motivated

1.       Lack of  sense of responsibility: People who are money centred will only focus on how fat or slim their money is getting than how much effort they are putting in to make things workout. When a task is assigned to you, take it very serious as though you are doing your personal business. When you accept responsibility you will always celebrate results.

2.       Low  information capacity: You cannot be motivated over something you are not excited about, motivation is that inner excitement to always attempt something new, when you lack information about something you cannot be motivated about it. When a task is assigned to you, it is wise you make further research on how to deliver the task unhindered. Always note that stake holders are not interested in your challenges what interest them most is your result.

3.       Money centric: the love of money can kill your interest for a task. When one is money centred s/he cannot offer their best. If you can patiently discharge your duties then money will come following after you. Diligence attracts recommendation.
 Money is not bad after all, it answers all things but the love of money can slow down your acceleration.
Choose to be motivated, remain diligent and money will follow you.  Currently you may be under paid in your place of work, you must not give up, take this period to improve yourself in every area of life so you may remain useful and relevant.

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