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Part 2: The Prodigal Evangelist (Jonah)
Jonah 2, 3, 4
In this context we will be considering a man who was very meticulous about who and where he should preach the gospel, when God called him, he gave him a scope and a destination to minister to the people of Nineveh, but Jonah been a man thought they were too sinful to be ministered to and that they should perish in their fault. Gods’ compassion is beyond human comprehension. Every minister is a servant and must be willing to go when the master bid him go. Jonah argued with the Lord so much that he endangered the life of the rest passengers in a wrong direction. When a leader misses his way, he will endanger the lives of his loyal and humble followers.
Why Jonah is considered prodigal? 1. He is
considered prodigal because he has lost his vision, when an evangelist loses his vision, he will turn into viper, Jonah became very poisonous very he discovered that God had had mercy on them (Nineveh).
2. he lost his passion, what makes you an evangelist is the passion for souls, as a privilege evangelist like Jonah who could hear from God his response and attitude would have been, “here am I Lord send me” when preachers now dictate for God where and who they should preach to, then their down fall is very near, we must give God all at all times in season and out of season.  Passion is the propelling force that enables action in our calling and obedient in service to God.
Three things you may summary the life of Jonah with is:
 1. Disobedience to the heavenly calling, 
2. Discovery and Repentance to carry on. 
3. Displeasure after obeying the calling.

1.       Disobedience to the heavenly calling: Jonah 1:1-16 when Jonah received the message from God, he rose up to flee; Jonah was irresponsible for trying to flee from the presence of God, the question you should ask is what was the state of Jonah spiritually, it could be that he was praying for God to use him and all of a sudden whiles he prayed the voice came to him that he should go to Nineveh and he rose up to run. What an irresponsible fellow he was. In our time we have people who go to the mountain to pray for relevance, they pray and tell God to use them and when the task comes their way they begin to run and shake for lack of grace.
    When this call came to Jeremiah he didn’t run away rather he pleaded for support and God gave him grace to do his service. If God gives you a responsibility, he also prepares resources to make it a reality, it may not be rosy today but with time everything will fall in place. There was great fear and timidity in the action of Jonah. Imagine how wasteful Jonah would have become simply because of his refusal to accept responsibility. The solution is not in running or worry, it is in readiness and waiting. Be ready for service at every point in time and God will use you beyond your expectations.

2.       Discovery and repentance to carry on: Jonah 2:1-11; 3:1- when Jonah has set up to flee from the presence of the Lord the Lord prepared a fish to swallow him, and Jonah in the belly of the fish cried out in repentance. Most people suffer pains and hard times due to the cause of their outright disobedience to do the work of God, you cannot hide from God and you cannot hide your sin, it is only the blood of Jesus that has the ability to hide our sin, that which is covered by the blood is save from destruction.  We should not allow God to put us in a tight corner before we start doing what is right in his sight. Checkup your life right now are you not seeing the hand of God upon you? He is passionately calling and pleading for you sup with him ( Rev. 3:20). After Jonah repented God nourished him and empower him to preach very short and power sermon, the length of time you spend on the pulpit doesn’t matter if truly you have a message from God. it is simple, short and straight-forward sermon and the whole land received God and repented from their evil ways.

3.       Displeasure after obeying the calling: Jonah 3:1-10; 4:1- after obeying the word of God, Jonah was still expecting God to punish the people of Nineveh, I can imagine Jonah saying “ that if God could put me in the belly of a fish it means that this whole land will be consumed by the fire from on high” but to his surprise it all happened that the Lord had pity on them and changed from all he that he purposed on them. Jonah was very angry when he saw that the people of Nineveh were not consumed, often times we preach among people we never wished good to, must preachers preach for the gain of the alter, the fat offerings and tithes but very few preached with passion to lead men unto God. Most preachers even make their members to fear them more than the way they fear God. Passion and integrity makes the gospel message sweet and interesting, with passion you will be moved to preach, with integrity you will refuse to compromise. God is will and interested in using men to accomplish his mandate. How many are ready? How many are willing to accept the cross? Very many is focused on the crown and try to avoid the sufferings in the cross ,  if sin hinders you from accepting responsibility, it means you are getting ready to appreciate hell.

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