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Kidnapping In Anambra Will Be A Thing Of The Past Under My Watch- Obiano

Kidnapping In Anambra Will Be A Thing Of The Past Under My Watch- Obian

The Governor Elect of Anambra State, Willie Obiano,‎ on Tuesday assured that crime, especially the menace of kidnapping will be a thing of the past under his administration.

Obiano who will be sworn in to office on March 17th was among the Anambra state delegation ‎that visited President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Obiano said as soon as he is sworn in to office, there will be security conference with all stakeholders where they will look for a way forward for the state. He added that vigilantes will also be trained and equipping, and the police will also be equipped with modern equipment to fight the crime.

He said kidnapping "is very critical for us, under my watch kidnapping will be a thing of the past for the following reasons: first, as soon as I am sworn in there is going to be a security conference where all the stakeholders in Anambra will come and beyond that we are going to do a lot of things that the present administration has started, in the area of equipping the vigilante and training them appropriately, in the area of equipping the police, in the area of youth employment because where most of the youths are employed then the rascal few will be easily policable. So we going to ensure that crime in particular kidnapping is a thing of the past".

Speaking to journalists on the focus of his administration, the governor-elect said besides continuing the work of the Peter Obi led administration, the next phase of the state development will be hitched on four pillars - agriculture, health, trade and commerce as well as industrialization.

"‎Governor Peter Obi has done very well, by the grace of God I am going to ‎build on the foundation he has laid so we expect a lot of things to happen under my watch.

"He has done well in what the economics call the enablers - road , health, education, security, women development, youth about 13 items. But we want to be little different and move Anambra to the next level on four pillars.

"The first is agriculture I believe that will create a lot of food and of course agro-base industries will begin to spring up and there will be a lot of job employment for the youths.

"The second pillar is oil and gas. As you are aware we have oil in Anambra State and our first effort is to make sure that we are included in the NDDC. Our people in the House of Reps will make that move very soon and we will be properly acknowledged as oil producing state.

"The third is trade and commerce, because all the things we are going to be producing will be sold one way or the other and therefore we need a modern market to be able to do so. And of course improve the facilities in the existing market so that people from West Africa and environ, when they visit Anambra State they will find a befiting market to do business.

"And of course industrialisation. And so these are the four pillars that will transform Anambra State" Obiano said.
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