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what a mystery and a history in the leadership of Nigeria, what amuses me about this election is the Prophecy that was made by men who try to blackmail and blaspheme the name of God, from the result of the election are we trying to say that God was not in it?

This whole thing was the hand of God weather Nigerians believe it or not or accept it or not, the truth is that the election has been conducted and truly God has chosen a man after his heart. Remember the case of the Israelite when they disobeyed God and he allowed them to be dealt with by a tyrant King called Nebuchadnezzar before that God called Nebuchadnezzar his servant...... Nothing in life takes God unaware. So if you are there making trouble in Nigeria, you have to be very careful, you have no reason for that, you can not say you are fighting for God or any man.... Lets promote peace and unity like Dr. Good luck Ebele Jonathan did after getting the result of the election, he is indeed a hero no matter what peace be still was his watch ward and song and in practice he is truly in support of it. Remember you have only one ''YOU '' if by carelessness you loose your life passport, you are going to hell fire no excuse  
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