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This question it’s very relevant to us all especially those in one leadership position or the other, the sense of fulfillment is the result of diligent and industry.

As an individual or a group have you been able to define the boundary of your mandate? Can you be boastful enough to say that you have done your best? It is very obvious that many would like to answer this question in a rush by saying “yes I am sure I have done my best”. The truth remains that you can’t be boastful of success when it is still hidden. “Success is a data when the output cannot communicate” sense, Success it’s a story when it cannot inform. Every effort you make in all ramifications of life should carry a message and the commendation should be generally accepted, let it be visible enough that people can sight you and say truly he/she has done his/her best.

Things to do in other to maintain a tangible impact:

1. Be Real: being yourself in all you do brings out the uniqueness in you, be an original you and not a photocopy. God made everyone unique, there’s no mistake in Gods handiwork, no matter where you find yourself allow that original you to manifest. It is in manifesting that you can be relevant, working with or without supervision, doing what is right at the right time make you a human and not a robot. Don’t pretend to be what you are not, if you have any thing to correct in your life, don’t be shy to point it out,  so it can be properly worked on and corrected rather than trying to be someone else. You are not created to be an actor, you are created to be real, you are made to be you. Firstly discover your strength and build on it, then look forward to identify your weakness and work on it, also hunt for opportunity and utilize it then locate your threats and create balances (SWOT ANALYSIS).  It is great to be you at last.

2. Make Your Best Visible: You can only be remembered by what you have done, “a hidden impact it’s a dead influence” when your usefulness is not felt anywhere you find yourself, then your uselessness will be felt. Be very conscious of your best because it will stand a test of time. Most times people shy away from responsibility because they feel they will be mocked or ridicule for being too zealous and serious -because of that they remain nominal and irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what people think about you, what matters to you is to make impact and remain relevant. When you do what is right it will surely speak for you sooner or later in life.

3. Maintain a Standard: No matter how busy you are, do not compromise your standard in any form, be convince about your effort, impact and input. Don’t allow haters attitude to affect your altitude. Maintain a pace and remain stable, by so doing all your ideas and contemplation will be made known. If you are leaving your place of work and your Boss its not minding you it means you were a liability to him, live a life worth emulating, give the best you and be flexing to accept new ideas.

4. Be a Team Player: strive to be someone who puts aside his personal goals and works well with others, doing what he needs to do to strive for a common goal. An example of a team player is someone who plays basketball but who doesn't hog the ball; he instead passes it when it makes sense to do so.

T- Together,

E- Everyone,

A- Accomplishes

M -More

No one succeeds in isolation, for you to make impact you need to mingle so your best can be felt. Your impact is felt in association not isolation. Your influence should be a sincere one not a pretentious one.

Be Teachable: You must be willing to learn from anyone and anything irrespective of the size, age or class, it’s by so doing that you can be contemplated enough to make significant difference in anything you do. If your impact or your effort it’s solely based on template, you will be limited in your ideas and inspiration, when you are contemplated you will have enough space to accommodate new ideas and inspirations. Any Article can be informing, no knowledge is a waste. Teachable person is a master of all.
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