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Today: Not for a price or a reward!

Passage: Isaiah 45: 13 NIV

13 I will raise up Cyrus [b] in my righteousness: I will make all his ways straight.
He will rebuild my city and set my exiles free,
but not for a price or reward, says the LORD Almighty.”

Cyrus was a Persian King who was raised up by God for the help and deliverance of the Jews in Exile, as we thought yesterday

But what amazed God so much was that he was willing to do all that, for free!

When many of God’s own demand a fee/reward for anything and everything they do for God, this Persian King was willing to do all this, without a reward!

It is true that God has promised us a reward for even a cup of water that we would give for a person, in His name.

But if the soul purpose of us doing something is because of a reward and not because of our love for God, then our relationship with God is more of a business type, than a personal one!

God’s wish for His children is that they should be blessed – all the time

His thoughts for His children are for their good only (Jer 29:11)

Otherwise, Heaven would not have been such a nice place

God would have made heaven a place of discipline, where every believer could be brought to justice so that they will not have too much pride and ego!

But we know that heaven is not such a place

God does not want any of His children to continue on their sickness or poverty or any such problems. Otherwise, Jesus would not have healed so many

But, as long as we are in this world – which presented Jesus a crown of thorns and a rugged wooden cross, we better not expect to be treated very different from that, if we want to truly follow Jesus

Many people have created so many different theories to support themselves, not to support God or His word

We should have the right, Biblical perspective on material blessings

1Timothy 6 is a good chapter to form our perspective/theology on material blessings

Whether it is richness or not, the child of God is happy because of the presence and fellowship of Jesus, which is priceless!

Today, each preacher forms his/her theology on material blessings by copying what the other person is doing

They even copy the styles of marketing, styles of preaching and so on

Why not look into the Bible, for forming the right perspective on these things as well as ministry?

Is not Jesus our best example? What was Jesus’ stand on these things?

From my own experience, I can say one thing

God makes everything work ultimately for good, in the life of His children

t all depends on how you look at God, and at yourself

God is more concerned about you, than anybody else

How much are we concerned about the things of God?

God is concerned about our family, our children

The various employers in this world provide so many good things for the family

They give medical benefits, vacation and so many other things

Does not God care more than that?

He wants our children to get the best education. So don’t be too selfish

He wants us to get the best job possible, a good house and a vehicle to travel

He is not against any of that, as far as I know

So let us leave all those worries and concerns to God, and get little concerned about His business

God will take care of ours. It is no body else, but God. He will

Stay blessed!


Prayer: Lord, forgive me for putting other things first. I was unnecessarily concerned about a lot of things, but I now put all my trust, my worries and my concerns, on you. Help me to be more involved with your things; Amen;
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